Thank you to Heidi Lea Photography for the amazing photo above, for being a wonderful mentor & for being a beautiful person inside & out.

Meet Jenn Schaeffer…

Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me a little. I always like to start with my roots: I was born & raised in rural Pennsylvania in a town where they still mine Anthracite coal, aptly named Minersville, PA. My small town, simple upbringing allows me to maintain a certain humility in life.

I have always loved taking photos, even as a kid with my good ol’ point & shoot film camera. My Mom is probably the one who sparked my interest in taking pictures. She was not a professional photographer & didn’t even have a “fancy” camera but with EVERY family event she was always the one behind the camera making sure all the moments were documented for years to come.

During my undergrad days at a wonderful liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, my love for photography blossomed. Believe it or not, I actually never took classes in photography! Just messed around with my good friends photographing each other, the campus, the surrounding town, whatever peaked our interest. This was all back in the days of film.

Feeling a pull to another profession, I actually put my camera down for a while & focused on becoming a nurse practitioner. While I was in nursing school, my Mom passed away unexpectedly. The one who was always behind the camera had very few photos taken of herself, mostly because she would always protest to having her picture taken. It wasn’t really until many years later that I decided, although I was not able to get many photos of my Mom, I could be the one to document other families’ stories.

I still work as a nurse practitioner because I just can’t bring myself to leave a profession where, every day, I can make such a significant difference in people’s lives. It is uncanny how my work as a nurse practitioner is so very similar to my work as a photographer. In both professions, I interact with people on such an intimate level that creates connections that, to me, are what life is all about.

Moments in life are just that: moments. They are here & gone before we know it. As a photographer, I am able to capture those moments – those amazing memories that we create with each other – & freeze them in time. Forever. The emotions of the moment captured for us to hold on to after the moment has passed.

Life is short. Capture the moments. Hold on to these images for life.

Jenn Schaeffer
Portrait Photographer